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Swedish :Relaxation, Swedish Massage is the most commonly known type of massage in the western world, it is helpful in reducing pain and joint stiffness.

Sports Massage : This is a physical treatment primarily used on the skeletal muscles to treat pain and disability. It most commonly includes kneading, manipulation of muscles, stretching, and joint mobilization.
Deep TissueA massage that is beneficial to those with severe muscle tension. Firm pressure is used to reach deep below the superficial muscles and release the tension.
Trigger-Point : This technique involves deactivating points in the neuromuscular junctions of the body that can cause localized pain and or referred pain.
Reiki : An energy based massage that can be performed with or without other massage techniques. It is a Japanese based modality that uses life force energy to help reduce stress, relax, and recharge an individuals energy.
Prenatal : 60 minute Massage for Mother's-To-Be. Prenatal massage is preformed with client in a side lying position supported by several pillows to ensure maximum comfort. Documentation from your OB/GYN is required prior to session. (If a high-risk pregnancy, we recommend waiting until 13weeks/2nd trimester.)

Our prices vary as some massage modalities require additional training and/or certifications.  


           Swedish and Reiki    Trigger Point Therapy and Sports Massage      Deep Tissue and Prenatal*

60 min              $50                                        $55                                                $60             90 min              $75                                        $80                                                 $85

120min              $95                                        $100                                                $105

*Prenatal Massage is only a 60 minute session.

We also have a couples room, if you would enjoy having a relaxing massage with a significant other!

We accepts all major credit card (MC,Visa, Discover, AMEX), cash, checks, and PayPal.

Checks are made payable to your therapist. PayPal is also personal to your therapist, who can be searched my name or phone number.

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